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Main Courses:

I'st semester
Drawing and Form Analysis
Esthetics I.
Visual Communication
Photo Laboratory Practice I.
Photo Technique, Digital Practice I.
Documentary Photography I.
Design Theory I.
History of Art I.

II'nd semester
Esthetics II.
Photo Laboratory Practice II.
Photo Technique, Digital Practice II.
Photo Studio Practice I.
Documentary Photography II.
History of Photography I.
Design Theory II.
History of Art II.
Experimental Photography

III'rd semester
Photo Laboratory Practice III.
Photo Technique, Digital Practice III.
Photo Studio Practice II.
Documentary Photography III.
Creative Photo Design I.
History of Photography II.
History of Art III.

IV'th semester
Photo Technique, Digital Practice IV.
Photo Studio Photography I.
Creative Photo Design II.
History of Photography III.
History of Art IV.
Typography and Image Editing I.
Image Processing, Print Editing I.
Main Scenes of Photography I.

V'th semester
Photo Studio Photography II.
Creative Photo Design III.
History of Photography IV.
Typography and Image Editing II.
Image Processing, Print Editing II.
Main Scenes of Photography II.
Diploma Consultation I.

VI'th semester
Creative Photo Design IV.
Photo Studio Photography III.
Szakmai gyakorlat
Diploma Consultation II.
Diploma Work (portfolio, diploma essay)

Please note, that the courses shown above are just for informational purposes. The official list of courses can be found and acquired from the University's Web Page.