Since 2004 the Photography Department of the Faculty of Art at Kaposvár University has offered courses in photojournalism and editing and in professional photography. Photography differs from other branches of fine art in the sense that it is concurrently an applied art. Our courses give emphasis to the applied artistic aspects of photography while also developing students’ proficiency in fine art photography.
   The approach is interdisciplinary, extending even to the margins of photography. On the theoretical side, students receive a more profound understanding of the theory of photography in courses covering the history of photography, professional aesthetics, philosophical issues and photographic techniques. Meanwhile, in practical lessons – a majority of the tuition we provide – students learn the fundamentals of photography and acquire knowledge that helps them to overcome technical barriers and realise their creative capacities.
   Going beyond the photographic genre, our study programme provides broader insights – alongside knowledge of the formal language of art – into the various areas of visual communication. Such knowledge inspires deeper and more open thinking about the nature and potential of photography.
   A distinguishing feature of our study programme is that it lays great emphasis on the history of photography and developments in the recent past. Thus, we operate a traditional chemical darkroom alongside the latest digital technology. A further unique feature of tuition in our department is that it develops the professional confidence of students and their receptiveness to new ideas. This reflects the professional diversity of our teaching staff.
   The acquisition of professional skills takes place in one of the best equipped photo studios in Hungary, enhanced by a digital darkroom that is the largest in the country and offers all the various computerised programmes. This world-class technology facilitates students’ creativity both in photography as well as in film and animation.
   Concerning the career potential of our graduates, the study programme is one of the most successful in the sense that the open and quality-oriented thinking acquired by our students –coupled with their professional competence – gives them a clear advantage, regardless of whether they go on to work in photography or engage in another field of creativity.